Career Advancement Program

Gain a competitive edge in the executive job market

and land your desired role with precision.

Career Advancement Program

Gain a competitive edge in the executive job market and land your desired role with precision.

Job Hunting Has Evolved

Securing top roles in the fast-evolving Middle East Life Sciences market demands a bold shift in your approach. The game has changed, and traditional tactics won’t cut it anymore.

Save time

Old job search methods work only 25% of the time for mid and senior executives. It’s time for a change that delivers results tailored to your needs.

Unlock Opportunities

Over 80% of executive positions are hidden, and online boards commonly cater to junior roles. We’ll crack open the unpublished job market and get you in the door.

Beat Competition

Executive roles are competitive, especially in the light of recent restructuring. We help you stand out and secure top-tier positions in a crowded field.

Get An Expert Strategy

You must redefine your approach and have a strategy tailored to the current market dynamics. Put it in the expert hands and boost your impact.


In recent months, we’ve seen numerous job seekers using every common job-hunting method without success, leading to increased frustration and desperation. Recognizing the challenges candidates face and the evolving job market in Life Sciences, we’ve crafted a highly effective and systematic solution. Our Career Advancement Program ensures a 300-500% boost in interview opportunities, significantly increasing your chances of landing that desired job. Let’s turn the tide together.

Our Systematic Solution

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Career Advancement Program is built of four pillars. First, we will ensure you’re properly visible on the market and linked with all the meaningful opportunities available. Then , our next crucial step is to convert them into valuable interview invitations. We will provide you with premium self-promotional materials, ensuring your success in making a lasting impression. Once you get interviews we will prepare you for them and assist you in the next stages, including negotiating the offer. All mentioned activities will be supported throughout the process by career coaching, networking, and personal branding.

Access the Best Opportunities

Speculative Resume Introductions

A total game-changer when looking for a job! Gain exclusive access to our extensive network of top-tier contacts developed over the years. Tap into the hidden job market through targeted resume introductions and leapfrog the competition by connecting directly with hiring managers and decision-makers. Our systematic approach, anchored in a tailored strategy and hyper-personalized outreach, ensures a seamless process. Your dedicated coach will advocate for you in all initial interactions, setting you on the path to success.

+ Speccing Strategy

Job Opportunities Mapping

Let your coach handle the job hunt hassle! They’ll scout the market weekly for tailored job opportunities and craft a targeted application strategy just for you. Say goodbye to the stress of job searching, reclaim your time, and stay focused on your current responsibilities. It’s a win-win.

Proactive Linkedin Job Searching

Unlock the power of LinkedIn – where recruiters and key decision-makers converge. With over 58 million companies on the platform, 4 out of 5 LinkedIn users influence business decisions, and 8 people are hired every minute. Intrigued? Let us guide you on leveraging this tool to boost your visibility, capture recruiter attention, and connect with decision-makers or potential advocates who can pave the way to exciting opportunities.

+ Linkedin Job Search Tactics Workshop

Secure Interview Invitations

Complete & Polished Linkedin Profile

Recruiters use LinkedIn every day to look for suitable candidates. How your profile looks is important and may determine whether you will be noticed in the selection process. And we will make sure you will! Branding Specialist will strategically optimize your profile to achieve All-Star Status. He will also complete your profile, effectively highlight your expertise, and, most importantly, make sure the profile appears at the top of candidate searches relevant to you. Additionally, you will learn to actively communicate on the platform to become one of the popular Thought Leaders in the long run. Better reputation = better opportunities.

+ Linkedin Revamping Workshop
+ Linkedin Profile Content

Fully-optimized & Visually Appealing Resume

The purpose of every resume is to get you an invitation to an interview. Our refined template, shaped by industry feedback, ensures maximum impact. The Branding Specialist will prepare a fully personalized and ATS-optimized document for you, compliant with all current standards and showing you in the best light. You will also learn the art of quick 10-minute resume tweaks to furtherly boost your match rate.

+ Resume Writing Workshop
+ Brand-new Resume (Text & Visual)

Succeed in Job Interviews

Effective Interview Preparation

Rely on our seasoned coaches with extensive recruitment and talent acquisition experience. Our track record includes numerous successes, placing dozens of specialists in leading Life Sciences firms across the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. We’re well-versed in interview dynamics, understand hiring managers’ expectations, and excel at preparing candidates to leave a lasting impression. Rest assured, you’re in capable hands – our team has navigated this scenario countless times. Your success is our expertise.

+ Interview Preparation Workshop

Offer Negotiation Assistance

It’s more than just landing a job; it’s securing favorable financial terms. Trust us to guide you through the entire recruitment journey, including offer negotiations. With our market expertise, we’re well-versed in position-specific rates and perks. No detail goes unnoticed – your financial success is our priority.

Fundamentals of Success

Career Coaching

Embark on the right career path with a seasoned professional in the Life Sciences industry across the Middle East and Africa. Your trusted adviser will guide you individually, assessing your interests and career direction to craft a personalized roadmap for advancement and development. Let’s navigate your career journey together with confidence and expertise.

+ 3 Career Coaching Sessions
+ Multiple Checkpoint Sessions


Unlock career opportunities over a cup of coffee – because the best jobs often come through professional networks. Don’t fret; we’re here to guide you in building and nurturing valuable connections that elevate your career prospects. Gain essential skills and grasp the rules of online networking to ensure a positive impact, steering clear of spam and creating lasting first impressions. Let’s make networking work for you.

+ Networking Workshop

Personal Branding

Forge a robust brand based on a powerful skill set and a compelling personal image. Our personal brand strategy empowers you to elevate your professional standing, purposefully shape the desired image, and communicate it effectively through impression management. Mastering reputation and impression management, successful job applicants bridge the unknown with the known, creating a positive perception in employers’ minds. The goal? A favorable hiring attitude and a stellar job offer. Your career branding efforts pave the way for a robust brand and continuous growth.

+ Personal Branding Workshop
+ Personal Brand Strategy

Your Career Management Team


A wealth of experience and strong connections with the market.

Platinum Career Coaches - DNA Recruitment


Extensive marketing knowledge supported by international experience.

Branding Specialist - DNA Recruitment


Excellent market knowledge with dozens of successful recruitment processes under the belt.

Gold Career Coaches - DNA Recruitment

Your Career Management Team


A wealth of experience and strong connections with the market.

Platinum Career Coaches - DNA Recruitment


Extensive marketing knowledge supported by international experience.

Branding Specialist - DNA Recruitment


Excellent market knowledge with dozens of successful recruitment processes under the belt.

Gold Career Coaches - DNA Recruitment


Numerous mid and senior-level executives have placed their trust in the Career Advancement Program, embarking on the journey to optimize their job search effectively. We have worked with Vice Presidents, CFOs, General Managers, Business Development Directors, Heads of Sales, Cluster Leads, Regional Commercial Directors, Commercial Operations Managers, Commercial Finance Managers, and various other specialists.

Career Advancement Program boasts a remarkable track record:


Participants gaining access to the undisclosed job market


Participants securing one to several interviews


Participants progressing to subsequent stages of the recruitment process or landing the desired job


"I am thrilled to share my positive experience with the Career Advancement Program and the exceptional support provided by the Career Management Team. Their communication and commitment stood out, always going the extra mile. Throughout, I explored dozens of companies, resulting in 4 interviews. Despite not securing a position, the exposure and opportunities were invaluable. The program expanded my network and provided insights into my strengths and desired role. It has been a smooth transition back into the job market, and I am eager to continue the program for another 12 weeks."

Leading Medical Devices Company, Saudi Arabia

DNA Recruitment’s Career Advancement Program definitely exceeded my expectations. I was introduced to over 30 Medical Devices companies across the Middle East: hiper-personalized approach, no generic emails sent in bulk. The good thing is that the coach has developed a tailored speccing strategy for me, which I appreciate. I secured 2 interviews within those 8 weeks. On top of that, I also got an external opportunity, partly thanks to the cooperation with the coach. She also offered me solid preparation for the interview, which resulted in successfully landing the job.

Leading Medical Devices Company, Lebanon

Having previously worked with DNA on a corporate level, their reputation as Life Sciences recruitment experts in the Middle East made them my first choice. From the very beginning, their comprehensive approach stood out, covering every aspect, from coaching to preparing that personalized brand strategy for me. I can tell for sure that the Career Advancement Program has extended my visibility across the region. The insights gained resulted in several interviews, one of which progressed to the final stage. However, I narrowly missed out on an internal candidate. Another time, I received an offer from a reputable Diagnostics company through their connections. Despite the tempting offer, I decided to continue my search for the perfect opportunity.

Fortune 500 Diagnostics Company, UAE

We Are Seasoned Experts

DNA Recruitment
DNA Recruitment

We connect leading Life Sciences organizations with outstanding talent across the CEEMEA region.

We specialize in recruitment, talent acquisition, and career advocacy for the Life Sciences industry.

We have been on the market for 15 years, building a wide professional network and trusted relationships.

We closely follow the evolving labor law requirements in the region and support compliance with Saudisation and Emiratisation programs.

We are the best-reputed and well-recognized Life Sciences recruitment agency in the Middle East and Africa.

We have successfully hired dozens of professionals in over 30 countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

More than 60 multinational companies have already trusted us, including, among others:


 Don’t go it alone in the challenging job search journey. Invest in your career with us. The cost of the Career Advancement Program, easily covered by a monthly paycheck, is a wise choice compared to the significant expenses of prolonged unemployment. Prioritize yourself, and let’s secure your career success together.

Explore our subscription options below and register your interest to learn about your personalized offer.

Our Packages


Designed for mid-level executives with <15 years of experience


Program Duration: 8 weeks
Speculative Resume Introductions: 3 weeks (15-20 companies)
Job Opportunities Mapping: 8 weeks
Access to Gold Career Coaches
Resume Writing Workshop
Brand-new Resume in Two Versions
Interview Preparation
Offer Negotiation Assistance


Designed for senior executives with 15+ years of experience


Program Duration: 12 weeks
Speculative Resume Introductions: 6 weeks (30-40 companies)
Speccing Strategy
Job Opportunities Mapping: 12 weeks
Access to Platinum Career Coaches
Personal Branding Workshop
Personal Brand Strategy
Resume Writing Workshop
Brand-new Resume in Two Versions
Linkedin Profile Revamping
Linkedin Profile Content
Proactive LinkedIn Job Searching Workshop
Networking Training
Interview Preparation
Offer Negotiation Assistance

The packages we offer are not subject to the client’s choice, but are individually assigned by the DNA Recruitment team to each candidate. This personalized approach ensures the optimal effectiveness of the Career Advancement Program for every participant. The price is calculated individually for every candidate and based on various components such as the seniority level, area of expertise, the region they are interested in, and market conditions. Reach out to our consultant to learn more.

Make the Move

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