Key Middle Eastern Life Sciences Insights from Arab Health & Medlab

BY Sylvia Misiak
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The Dubai World Trade Center once again hosted two highly anticipated events in the Life Sciences industry, Arab Health and Medlab Middle East. Our team and I had the opportunity to witness the pulse of the industry amidst the vibrant showcases of cutting-edge technologies and innovations. During the events, we engaged with business partners and candidates, from whom we gained invaluable insights that shed light on the industry’s trajectory. Join me as we delve into an intricate exploration of the pivotal trends that are shaping the Middle Eastern Life Sciences industry in 2024.

Key 2024 Middle Eastern Life Sciences Industry Insights from Arab Health & Medlab by Sylvia Misiak - DNA Recruitment

Navigating the Turbulence of 2023

In 2023, the Middle Eastern Life Sciences companies faced many challenges that tested their resilience and adaptability. The year unfolded as pivotal, marked by political shifts such as America’s withdrawal from tenders and the evolving post-pandemic landscape. This forced a swift and agile response, leading to a wave of restructuring across industries and seeking alternative financial sources. As the global market transformed, companies reevaluated their recruitment strategies and initiated changes in management and organizational structures.

Interestingly, while the Middle East region was not hit as hard as other parts of the world, the impact was still substantial. The region found itself playing catch-up due to weakened business conditions globally. Some managers expressed frustration at the Middle East being perceived as a mere stopgap for gaps in America or Europe despite many companies in the region achieving commendable results.

The challenge was magnified for businesses that had experienced impressive double-digit growth in recent years. They found themselves compelled to downsize while expanding their geographical reach to support operations elsewhere in the world. The resilience and adaptability displayed by companies in navigating these complex dynamics were truly remarkable.

Evolution of the Middle Eastern Life Sciences Job Market

The job market dynamics are currently undergoing a significant shift due to increased industry competition and the demands of the transformative landscape. Although companies are still actively recruiting, they are now focused on securing the absolutely top talents. Hiring managers are no longer settling for average candidates. According to discussions with industry insiders, the most sought-after profiles are those grounded in an agile, positive, and “aggressive” business mindset coupled with ambition and creativity. They are looking for candidates who can think beyond their job descriptions, be flexible, go the extra mile, proactively solve problems, and identify new opportunities. Recruitment budgets remain intact, with the business investing more judiciously to secure individuals adept at change leadership. Companies hire candidates with this change-oriented mindset who reimagine the organization’s structure, often leading to a comprehensive evaluation of the existing personnel.

Current Recruitment Trends in the Middle East

In 2024, companies urgently seek individuals with specific skill sets for recruitment instead of just any talent. It has increased the importance of recruitment agencies specializing in the Middle Eastern Life Sciences industry, which leverage their in-depth market knowledge and extensive candidate databases to identify ideal candidates quickly. At DNA Recruitment, we have experienced this firsthand. The focus is meeting immediate requirements and finding candidates who can seamlessly integrate with the organizational culture for long-term success.

Senior candidates are finding new and exciting opportunities in Saudi Arabia, alongside a persistent demand for senior executives in the UAE. However, these senior roles are often discreet and have a scarcity of online postings. Confidential searches conducted by talent acquisition and headhunting departments are becoming pivotal, highlighting the importance of networking and staying connected with industry insiders for insight into these unadvertised opportunities.

In a dynamic shift, Middle Eastern Life Sciences companies are adopting a more creative approach to their recruitment processes to gauge candidates’ ability to handle unforeseen situations, challenging those who rely solely on rehearsed responses and impressive past job titles. This innovative recruitment strategy aims to uncover candidates’ genuine capabilities, steering them away from conventional templates and emphasizing adaptability in the new, challenging business environment.

Shifting Dynamics in the Middle Eastern and North African Markets

The business environment in Saudi Arabia is experiencing a significant boost, with numerous companies establishing their presence in the country. The Saudi government is actively working to simplify the entry process for new investors through initiatives such as the Saudization program that offers improved concessions and quotas. The Medical Devices sector has seen a surge in recruitment efforts, similar to a wholesale approach. This trend is not limited to Riyadh’s capital, as Jeddah, Dammam, and Al Khobar are also becoming important locations for business expansion. The intensifying competition between the Saudi and Emirati markets is evident from the absence of Saudi distributors at this year’s Arab Health event.

Meanwhile, Egypt, which was once regarded as a cost-effective location, is experiencing a shift as companies grapple with currency fluctuations and an unstable government, prompting some to redirect their focus. In contrast, Libya is emerging as an attractive alternative for companies redirecting their investments from the Egyptian market. The changing landscape highlights the strategic considerations and dynamic shifts in the Middle Eastern Life Sciences industry.

Published: 8 February 2024

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