Recruitment Trends in the Middle Eastern Life Sciences Industry

BY Sylvia Misiak
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In the wake of a downtime period, the Middle East’s Life Sciences industry is experiencing a surge in recruitment activities. In addition, this year’s Ramadan also witnessed heightened hiring efforts, reflecting companies’ proactive approach to capitalize on the industry’s promising Q1 performance. However, despite the influx of candidates from recent redundancies, finding individuals with the right skill set remains challenging. As a recruitment specialist in the region, we have expanded our search methods, including considering relocation candidates. This article delves into the factors and contributing to the current hiring landscape and explores the evolving recruitment trends, needs, and requirements within the Middle East Life Sciences industry.

Industry Restructuring and Agile Team Building

The industry has witnessed a significant restructuring phase, prompting companies to develop agile teams to adapt to changing market dynamics. Consequently, the recruitment landscape has shifted, emphasizing the need for candidates with specific character traits, skills, and the right attitude. While experience remains valuable, a professional brand and distinct personal qualities are gaining prominence in distinguishing candidates from their peers. As a result, possessing an MBA alone may no longer suffice to secure attractive job opportunities, highlighting the increasing importance of a well-rounded professional profile.

Intensified Market Competition and its Impact on Recruitment

Competition between companies has intensified as the Middle East Life Sciences industry matures. This heightened rivalry has directly influenced recruitment strategies as businesses seek to attract and retain the best talent. Consequently, recruitment processes have become more rigorous, focusing not only on qualifications and experience but also on the candidate’s overall character and suitability for the organization. In addition, employers are placing a greater emphasis on identifying individuals who align with their corporate culture and exhibit the potential for long-term growth within the company.

“…recruitment processes have become more rigorous, focusing not only on qualifications and experience but also on the candidate’s overall character and suitability for the organization. “

Salary Trends and the Cost of Living

Despite the overcrowded job market, salaries in the Middle East Life Sciences industry have yet to see a decline. On the contrary, companies are willing to negotiate higher compensation packages to secure exceptional candidates. This upward trend in salaries can be attributed to the rising cost of living in the region, which necessitates competitive remuneration to attract and retain top talent. Candidates with the desired skills, experience, and character traits can leverage this market dynamic to their advantage when negotiating job offers.

Career Transition Programs: Support for Job Seekers

Given the competitive job market, many candidates recognize the need for additional support to enhance their chances of securing new opportunities. Our Career Advancement Program has witnessed a significant influx of interest in response to this demand. This program aims to equip candidates with the necessary tools and resources to stand out in recruitment. In addition, by guiding and refining their professional brand, improving interview skills, and expanding their networks, the Career Transition Program assists candidates in navigating the evolving recruitment landscape and successfully transitioning into new roles.

Recruitment Trends in the Middle Eastern Life Sciences Industry
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As the Middle East Life Sciences industry enters a phase of recovery and growth, recruitment activities have intensified. Companies are strategically adapting their hiring strategies to secure the most suitable candidates. The focus has shifted from solely considering experience to encompassing potential employees’ character, skills, and attitude. In this highly competitive job market, candidates with a strong professional brand and personal qualities have an advantage. Moreover, rising living costs have led to salary negotiations favoring exceptional candidates. Career transition programs offer valuable resources and guidance to support job seekers in this challenging environment. As recruitment specialists, we remain committed to connecting the right individuals with rewarding opportunities in the Middle East Life Sciences industry.

Published: 19 May 2023

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