How to Make Your Personal Brand Stand Out at Arab Health and Beyond

BY Ariel Kleszowski
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As the Middle East gears up for the prestigious Arab Health 2024 Exhibition, hundreds of companies find themselves at the forefront of an exciting opportunity to elevate their business presence. But this is not only an opportunity for companies, but also for us professionals.

In a continually evolving market, making your brand stand out at such events is not just a choice – it’s a strategic move for career success. Let’s dive into a comprehensive guide on amplifying your personal brand before, during, and after industry events like Arab Health.

Before the Event:

Conduct a Personal Brand Audit

Start your journey by evaluating your current personal brand. What do people associate with your name? What sort of reputation do you have? What makes you unique in the Life Sciences industry? Identify your strengths, achievements, and what sets you apart. Also, define your value proposition, vision, mission, and audience. Ensure that your brand reflects your expertise and remains authentic.

You can use our Personal Brand Audit document to navigate the process. We utilize the document while preparing personal brand strategies for our Career Advancement Program participants.

Download your FREE Personal Brand Audit here.

Featured Resource: Personal Brand Audit

Make a Plan for Attending the Event

Strategize your time at Arab Health. Consider the event’s agenda and plan your participation beforehand. Know your objectives, whether it’s to network with specific individuals, gain insights from experts, or explore potential opportunities. Identify key sessions, speakers, and attendees relevant to your professional goals. Craft a roadmap to maximize your time at the event and make the most of it, ensuring a balance between working, learning, and networking.

Complete and Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your digital business card, so ensure it is fully completed, optimized, and ready before the event, as you will be exchanging invitations with newly met people. While completing your profile, the general rule of thumb is to make it as complete as possible while incorporating necessary elements of your personal brand strategy. At least ensure you added an up-to-date and high-quality profile picture, background image, information about your location and industry, and an optimized headline. Also, you should fill in the following sections: about, experience, education, and skills. Of course, there is much more to it, but taking care of the mentioned elements will ensure a professional look to your profile and earn the All-Star status, which boosts visibility on the platform.

Initiate Conversations Ahead of the Event

Building genuine connections is the cornerstone of successful networking. Engage with fellow attendees and speakers on LinkedIn, share your thoughts on event themes, and express your excitement about meeting them in person. Remember, authenticity is the key.

During the Event:

Participate in Panel Discussions and Presentations

Seize opportunities to showcase your expertise. Volunteer for panel discussions or presentations to position yourself as an industry expert. Sharing insights, research findings, or innovative practices enhances your visibility and credibility.

If you are participating as a listener, proactively engage with the speakers and other people in the audience, sharing your insights where applicable and appreciated.

Network Strategically

Approach networking with a clear strategy. Identify key individuals or companies you want to connect with and be genuine in your interactions. Ask thoughtful questions, share insights, and be open to collaboration. Meaningful connections can lead to valuable opportunities.

Invite new contacts to connect on LinkedIn so you can stay in touch after the event. You can easily share your profile by simply letting your interlocutors scan the QR code in the mobile app. How to do it?

  1. Open your LinkedIn mobile application and tap on the Search bar at the top of the homepage.
  2. Tap on the QR code icon in the Search bar.
  3. Tap the My code tab to find your QR code.
  4. Present the QR code to the interlocutor.

You can also save the QR code to your photo gallery to make the whole process easier next time.

Your personal brand can benefit from networking. Use Linkedin QR code to easily share your profile with others.
You can easily share your LinkedIn profile on-site by showing the QR code to your interlocutor and letting them scan it.

Create Content and Utilize Social Media Effectively

Leverage social media platforms to share your experiences, insights, and industry updates during the event. Follow the best practices for creating and publishing content to make it more interesting, personalized, and engaging. Use visual content to boost engagement: images typically double the comment rate, while video gets 5x more engagement on LinkedIn, and Live Video gets 24x more. Lastly, don’t be afraid to show yourself – people willingly interact with other people. Your personal brand will also benefit from it.

After the Event:

Share Insights and Own Perspective on the Event

Reflect on the event and share your insights through articles, blog posts, or social media. Discuss key takeaways and how they align with your professional journey. This positions you as a thought leader and further reinforces your personal brand.

Stay in Touch with New Connections

Don’t let the connections you made during the event fade away. Follow up with personalized messages, schedule virtual meetings, and nurture those relationships in different ways. Building a network is an ongoing process that extends beyond the event itself.

Actively Seek New Professional Opportunities

Capitalizing on the momentum gained from the event, actively seek new opportunities. Whether it’s collaborating on projects, exploring job prospects, or initiating partnerships – be proactive in advancing your career.

Building a strong professional identity is an ongoing process. Remember that the strategies outlined in this guide are just a snapshot of your personal brand journey.

Published: 25 January 2024

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