2023 Overview: Our Annual Talent, Triumphs and Trends

BY Sylvia Misiak
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In 2023, despite facing various challenges, we not only generated numerous innovative ideas but also encountered inspiring moments along the way.

Our journey is closely linked with our outstanding partners, and we’d like to share valuable insights that could also be relevant and beneficial for you.

Simultaneously, we would like to use this opportunity to thank you for our fruitful cooperation this year. We are genuinely excited about the opportunities 2024 holds for us.

Featured Resource: Our Annual Talent Triumphs and Trends

1. Our Top 3 Achievements of 2023

100% Emiratisation Success Rate

Emiratization is one of the main topics for industry talks this year. It cannot be denied that implementing the program in a way that benefits both the government and the private sector turned out to be a huge challenge for many companies. In response, we directed our efforts toward providing efficient and valuable assistance to our clients in addressing this challenge. Our ambition is to enhance the efficacy of Emiratization, and we are proud to declare a 100% success rate in achieving effective recruitment and employee retention.

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2x Higher Conversion Rate on Talent Acquisition projects

Thanks to our talented team, broad talent pool, and unwavering attention to quality, we achieve a recruitment success rate that’s twice as high as the market average.

Development of the Career Advancement Program

Our enhanced Career Advancement Program guides professionals through new career opportunities with the expertise of a Career Coach and impactful Personal Branding techniques, trusted by many mid and senior-level executives.

2. Most Frequent Requisitions

In the CEEMEA region, we recruit for a wide range of job titles. However, in 2023, our most frequently filled roles were the following positions:

  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Key Account Manager
  • RAQA Specialist
  • Commercial Quality Manager
  • Head of Sales.

3. Fastest Recruitment: 2 weeks

Ensuring top-notch service quality is a thorough process. We collaborate closely with our partners’ HR departments, meticulously searching for talented individuals who seamlessly integrate into the team and excel in their roles. Remarkably, we achieved a swift turnaround, completing the entire recruitment process within just two weeks.

4. Inspiration of the Year

Throughout the year, we found continuous inspiration in the rapidly evolving Life Sciences landscape of Saudi Arabia. The growing number of companies establishing a significant presence, even relocating their headquarters to the region, underscores the ongoing demand for skilled and dedicated employees. This dynamic environment fuels our optimism and motivates us to develop strategic plans.

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5. The Greatest Lesson

The Life Sciences market in 2023 faced many challenges due to company restructuring and significant market shifts. These changes led to many experienced Senior Executives seeking new opportunities. While our commitment remains strong, the evolving market requires strategic focus and adaptability to address the unique challenges in placing these talented professionals.

6. Our Top Recruitment Locations

In 2023, we’ve been actively recruiting in the CEEMEA region, specifically focusing on Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Tunisia, and South Africa. Among these, Saudi Arabia stands out as the most dynamic, driven by its Vision 2030 program and ongoing developmental initiatives.

7. Recommended Industry Events

In 2023, we took advantage of opportunities to enhance our visibility at prominent Life Sciences and Healthcare events. Participation in platforms such as Arab Health and Global Health Exhibition allowed us to forge connections with leading manufacturers, distributors, and the medical community in the Middle East and subcontinent, deepening our insights into key factors in the Healthcare industry.

8. Our CSR Activities

We were thrilled to actively participate in the annual Christmas wish-fulfillment campaign for a Polish Oncology Foundation. We ensured little Mikołaj’s “Letter to Santa” got delivered and realized.

In 2023, we also backed various awareness campaigns, including Ana Fareed’s initiative to raise awareness and support for Rare Disease Day.

Our team supports the Rare Disease Day awareness campaign.

9. Popular Service: Career Advancement Program

Given recent market dynamics, we’ve further enhanced our program empowering professionals to navigate new career opportunities effectively.

Introducing our Career Advancement Program, a dynamic blend of developmental progression guided by an experienced Career Coach, coupled with the strategic use of impactful Personal Branding techniques. Trusted by numerous mid and senior-level executives, our program has facilitated multiple interviews through targeted resume introductions to our extensive network within the Life Sciences industry.

Enroll in the Career Advancement Program

If you’re seeking a change and ready for fresh challenges, schedule a meeting with our dedicated consultant, Tomasz Skrzypczak, to explore how our program can propel you to the next stage in your career.

You can schedule your meeting here.

10. The Busiest Month: October

October witnessed a resurgence in activity after a relatively calm summer period. Throughout the month, we effectively filled numerous positions in Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Aesthetics, Diagnostics, Consumer Healthcare, and Consumer Electronics, facilitating connections between our clients and skilled professionals to strengthen their teams.

11. Team Achievements and Celebrations

In 2023, we grew our marketing department with the addition of Julia and welcomed Katarzyna as our Emiratisation Partner. Agnieszka and Ariel were also promoted. Integration trips and shared moments strengthened team cohesion, highlighted by a memorable Christmas trip. This past year has significantly bolstered our team bonding, and we are confident as we stride into 2024 together.

Elevate Your Team in 2024 with Our Expertise!

As we reflect on team successes, memorable moments, and impactful activities in 2023, we look forward to elevating your team with our tailored expertise in the coming year.

In our pursuit of excellence, we have consistently delivered exceptional results for multinational Life Sciences companies like yours. Here are some key services we offer:

  • Retained & Contingent Recruitment
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Emiratisation and Saudization
  • Market Entry Support
  • Inclusive Employment
  • Outplacement

Schedule a call with our Key Account Manager, Karolina Majcher, to discuss how our services can be tailored to meet your company’s specific needs.

Published: 02 January 2024

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